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How Beard Oil Is So Important For Bearded Men? Bearded men look appealing and it seems to give them a manlier feel that makes them look more attractive. On the other hand, you should know as well that only well groomed beard can make this attraction. There are a number of men who just know about keeping their facial hair trimmed well and combed out but, it takes more effort to have a healthy and shiny beard. Basically, this is the best time to make use of beard oil. Beard oil act as a moisturizer that is designed mainly to groom your facial hair. Considering that the hair is coarser than that on head, men have to pay more attention to their facial hair to be able to maintain its look. The truth is, this is made from some helpful ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, almond and castor oil and among others. Beard oils come with essential oils and Vitamin E too, giving it a nice aroma. And because they’re made for men, the essential oils used often are the ones deemed to be masculine like cedarwood, bay essential oils, lime, peppercorn and sandalwood. It is recommended to use only few drops of it when using such oil. Preferably, use the oil after you take a shower or washed your face. This is mainly because of the fact that after showering the powers, its follicles are open and it makes the absorption of oil much easier and giving the beard a healthy, luminous and shinier look. But why is it really important to apply beard oil if you may ask.
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Number 1. The moisturizing oil is helpful in nourishing the skin under the beard that is frequently neglected. You just have to massage the oil to skin beneath to be able to benefit from the oil’s ingredients.
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Number 2. The oil is nourishing the facial hair as well in a way that the beard flakes kept at bay. Just think of these flakes as dandruff of your head hair. They’re unsightly and for sure, there is no bearded man who will want it. Number 3. The oil can also help in minimizing itchiness to which many men are experiencing after trimming or when they have longer beards. The ingredients are seeping to the follicles and pores and thus, eliminate such problem. Number 4. It’s a simple way to keep facial hair looking healthy and hydrated. It is vital that you have the best beard oil in order to get the best possible results for your facial hairs. Number 5. The oil helps in softening the texture of facial hair and therefore, making it manageable.